September 12, 2010

Reviews and charts September 12, 2010

ARTIST:  Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro
TITLE:  Sin Rumba No Hay Son!
LABEL:  World Village

REVIEW:  Continuity with the tradition is a prized value in Cuban music.  And few bands offer more continuity than Septeto Nacional, founded by namesake Ignacio Pineiro in 1927 and now on its fourth generation of members.  Pineiro is the guy who added trumpet to rural son music, infused folkloric rumba rhythms and produced the urbanized sound called son Habanero, the direct predecessor of today’s salsa explosion.  Although this group plays a number of Pineiro’s compositions (tracks 4, 9 and 13) and carries his name, it’s not merely a revival or tribute ensemble.  This is a living musical tradition with elements being added and changed all the time.  USA audiences got a taste of Septeto Nacional’s sound earlier this year on their first American tour since 1933 (!!), and now here’s a fine new recording that adds to their legend.  Check out the terrific guest vocal by Bertha Portuondo (Omara’s younger sister) on track 9.
REVIEWER:  Bill Lupoletti
RECOMMENDED TRACKS:    1   9   11   13

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ARTIST:  Orchestre National De Barbes
TITLE:  Rendez-vous Barbes
LABEL:  Le Chant Du Monde

REVIEW:  Barbes is an especially multicultural neighborhood in Paris (18th arrondissement, if you’re following along with a map); calling your band Orchestre National De Barbes is a way of thumbing your nose at France’s anti-immigrant neo-Fascist right wing.  This band has been doing so since 1995; this is their fourth album and most likely the first to receive USA distribution.  With members who are natives of Algeria, Morocco, and various parts of France, they play what you might call global rock ‘n’roll – elements of rai (tracks 1 and 5), ska (2) and French traditional music (3; is that a hurdy-gurdy whining away?) are featured, but the core is always a solid, danceable backbeat.  They’re working on a concept that’s similar to what Manu Chao and Rachid Taha are doing; there are many French bands in a similar style, but this is one of the best I’ve heard so far.  A very enjoyable recording that hits the bullseye on the Global A Go-Go concept.
REVIEWER:  Bill Lupoletti
RECOMMENDED TRACKS:    1    2    3    5

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