October 31, 2014

Program October 31, 2014

Here at Global A Go-Go we can't let Halloween pass without a bite at the apple -- no razor blades please.

So this week you'll hear a supernatural Child ballad from Scotland, some Caribbean songs about duppies and jumbies (ghosts to you), music influenced by Santeria and vodoun (two religions where the dead remain among us), and a track by Ghana's Ebo Taylor that's one of the most chilling I know.

Plus plenty of what makes Global A Go-Go tick every week, including new music from Kevin Kinsella, Bang Data and Djessou Mory Kante, and an amazing 1955 reissue of the Caruso of Cuba, Abelardo Barroso.

October 17, 2014

Program October 17, 2014

WRIR's Fall '14 Fund Drive gets underway today at 5:00 PM on Global A Go-Go.  The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, the only band I know that grows and builds its own musical instruments, will perform on-air in our Live Room.  This event kicks off 12 days of some of the best radio you'll ever hear, including 26 live performances from our studios.

You can hear the kickoff event on the radio at 97.3 FM in the Richmond area, or you can listen anywhere in the world that has an internet connection by browsing over to:


Our fund drive runs through October 28.  If you'd like to make a donation to support this remarkable project, you can do so by calling 804-622-9747, by visiting us in person at 1621-B West Broad Street, or via our secure online donation site at:


Thank you for your support in the past, and thank you for considering making a donation during the Fall 2014 Fund Drive!

Follow me below the fold, if you'd like, for more motivation ....

October 16, 2014

Bang Data | Mucho Poco

ARTIST: Bang Data
TITLE: Mucho Poco
LABEL: Futuro Sonico / Rockolito Music
Bang Data is an Oakland-based urban-Latin combo led by singer-rapper Deuce Eclipse and drummer-producer Juan Manuel Caipo. Their 2012 debut La Sopa had some fine moments and they’ve topped them on this sophomore effort, which is strong from beginning to end.

Abelardo Barroso With Orquesta Sensacion | Cha Cha Cha

ARTIST: Abelardo Barroso With Orquesta Sensacion
TITLE: Cha Cha Cha
LABEL: World Circuit
Cha cha cha was the musical sensation of Cuba during the revolutionary era, from the mid-50s until 1959. Rolando Valdes’ Orquesta Sensacion popularized that sound, and Abelardo Barroso, “el Caruso de Cuba,” was the voice of cha cha cha.

Djessou Mory Kante | River Strings: Maninka Guitar

ARTIST: Djessou Mory Kante
TITLE: River Strings: Maninka Guitar
LABEL: Sterns
The Maninka music of Mali and Guinee is dominated by singers; among instruments the kora has traditionally reigned supreme, but in the last 50 years a guitar tradition has developed.

October 12, 2014

Charts October 12, 2014

WRIR's CMJ New World Top Ten
1 VARIOUS ARTISTS | Afrolove Kizomba Special | Lusafrica
2 VARIOUS ARTISTS | Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru's Radical Decade | Tiger's Milk
3 THE BUDOS BAND | Burnt Offering | Daptone
4 BIO RITMO | Puerta Del Sur | Vampisoul
5 HELADO NEGRO | Double Youth | Asthmatic Kitty
6 ANTONIO CASTRIGNANO | Fomenta: Ilenu De Taranta | Ponderosa Music & Art
7 TONY ALLEN | Film Of Life | Jazz Village
8 DONA ONETE | Feitico Cabloco | Mais Um Discos
10 LES AMBASSADEURS | Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako | Sterns

October 10, 2014

Antonio Castrignano | Fomenta: Ilenu De Taranta

ARTIST: Antonio Castrignano
TITLE: Fomenta: Ilenu De Taranta
LABEL: Ponderosa Music & Art
Antonio Castrignano is a native of Lecce in the Salentine Peninsula, the heel of Italy’s boot and the home of the ecstatic pizzica and tarantella music and dance traditions.

Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru's Radical Decade

ARTIST: various artists
TITLE: Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru’s Radical Decade
LABEL: Tiger’s Milk
The second release from Tiger’s Milk, a London micro-label run by Peruvian restauranteur Martin Morales and ex-Soundway manager Duncan Ballantyne, focuses on Peru’s urban rock scene during the psychedelic era.

October 9, 2014

Program October 10, 2014

The Guca Trumpet Festival (pictured above), held every August in Serbia, is the Woodstock or the Galax of Balkan brass: huge crowds and traffic jams, motivated (possibly intoxicated) revelers getting down to their favorite party music, bands and soloists competing for prizes, impromptu gigs popping up everywhere.

This week on Global A Go-Go, it's my own little Guca: you'll hear recordings of five groups, each of which could stake a claim to being the baddest Balkan brass band on the planet.  One of them is Serbia's Boban & Marko Markovic Orkestar, who will play three sets at this weekend's Richmond Folk Festival.

Also this week: ethno-tronica; the early years of the Latin rock sound; and some current West African dance hits.

October 5, 2014

Charts October 5, 2014

WRIR's CMJ New World Top Ten
1 TONY ALLEN | Film Of Life | Jazz Village
2 KHUN NARIN | Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band | Innovative Leisure
3 VARIOUS ARTISTS | Folk Music Of The Sahel, Volume 1: Niger | Sublime Frequencies
4 THE BUDOS BAND | Burnt Offering | Daptone
5 VARIOUS ARTISTS | Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984 | Strut
6 DONA ONETE | Feitico Cabloco | Mais Um Discos
8 CECILIA NOEL | Havana Rocks | Compass
9 FINDING FELA | Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | Knitting Factory
10 JUNGLE FIRE | Tropicoso | Nacional

October 4, 2014

October 2014 Concert Calendar

October's Global A Go-Go picks:
  1. Of course, the big event in October is the Richmond Folk Festival, Friday October 10 to Sunday October 12.  The headliner (for me at least) is the Boban & Marko Markovic Orkestar from Serbia (pictured above), one of the world's truly great Balkan brass bands.
  2. Just a boatload of great artists from Mali are visiting our area in October: Oumar Konate, Mamadou Diabate and Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba.  See below for all the details.
Have an event you'd like me to include, or a suggestion for the concert calendar?  Just drop me a line at globalagogoradio [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave me a message right here.

Click "Read more" to see the entire October calendar.

October 2, 2014

Tony Allen | Film Of Life

ARTIST: Tony Allen
TITLE: Film Of Life
LABEL: Jazz Village
Here’s the latest solo album from Tony Allen, the man who helped invent Afrobeat as drummer in Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 and successors, the man Brian Eno calls “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived."

The Budos Band | Burnt Offering

ARTIST: The Budos Band
TITLE: Burnt Offering
LABEL: Daptone
When they released their debut album in 2005, the Budos Band’s sound was unique: Afrobeat rhythms in short-song format, a soul band’s punchy horn section playing Ethiopian pentatonic harmonies, a flair for catchy hooks.

Dona Onete | Feitico Cabloco

ARTIST: Dona Onete
TITLE: Feitico Cabloco
LABEL: Mais Um Discos
In a word…WOW! Dona Onete is an Amazonian singer from Brazil. The songs cover the gamut of Brazilian music genres from samba to Caribbean salsa and cadence to rap and all are driven by the amazing voice and energy of a woman who has spent her life singing and studying the musical styles of the Amazon.

Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984

ARTIST: various artists
TITLE: Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984
LABEL: Strut
Malombo music is “spirit music,” so the CD has an apt title. It’s a musical innovation distinct to South Africa which incorporates folklore with just about everything else … yet there’s almost nothing like it.

Program October 3, 2014

At WRIR, our cup (pictured above -- no, not really) currently runneth over with great new Afrobeat and Afro-funk records.  You'll hear nine of them this week on Global A Go-Go, including a track from the forthcoming new album by The Budos Band (actually pictured above).

Also this week: Sunda music from Bandung in West Java, and remembering your grandmother's stories during the Days of Awe.