October 16, 2014

Bang Data | Mucho Poco

ARTIST: Bang Data
TITLE: Mucho Poco
LABEL: Futuro Sonico / Rockolito Music
Bang Data is an Oakland-based urban-Latin combo led by singer-rapper Deuce Eclipse and drummer-producer Juan Manuel Caipo. Their 2012 debut La Sopa had some fine moments and they’ve topped them on this sophomore effort, which is strong from beginning to end. Right out of the chutes, track 1 is a killer, channeling the saying (frequently attributed to Emma Goldman) “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” Deuce Eclipse slides smoothly between singing and rapping, Caipo lays down a groovy soundscape, and the live guitar and bass (a critical element in this band, one that takes it well outside the norms of current hip hop) make this one as much rock as it is rap. 2 is in a similar if lighter vein and features some fabulous Deuce flow. The title track (5) is right out of the Manu Chao playbook: acoustic guitar, chugging rhythm, low-key rapping, gorgeous brainworm melody. Their collaboration with Chilean cumbia aces Chico Trujillo on track 7 results in a party-starter, as you might have expected. And they close with a change of pace on 10, a bilingual rap elegantly accompanied primarily by electric guitar. This is top quality stuff, certainly worthy of national and international attention.
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    5    7    10
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    3    4    8    9

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