March 19, 2019

Program March 20, 2019

My friend and long-time WRIR supporter Stacie Birchett recently asked me to put together a dinner music playlist for the Better Housing Coalition (BHC)'s Stay Home RVA "non-event gala."  I was happy to do so and to help support the Richmond area's largest nonprofit community development corporation.

On today's show, I'm going to play the selections I chose for Stay Home RVA, and I've added on to them as well.  Since it's a dinner music playlist, you might describe it as a polite version of Global A Go-Go.  But it ain't background music -- no, it's some of my favorite non-dance tracks from around the world and across the decades, kind of a best of Global A Go-Go in its own right.

And since no Global A Go-Go program is complete without some dance tracks, I've added some on to the playlist.  For folks who'll be supporting BHC at Stay Home RVA, you can think of them as a lagniappe, an extra gift, and maybe the way to start the dance party you want to host after your dinner is over.

If you'd like to know more about supporting the Better Housing Coalition through Stay Home RVA April 29 through May 5, here are a couple of links for you to check out:

March 18, 2019

Charts March 15, 2019

WRIR's NACC World Top Ten
1 VAUDOU GAME | Otodi | Hot Casa
2 IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE | Doko Mien | Merge
3 ROCKY DAWUNI | Beats Of Zion | Aquarian / Six Degrees
4 LEYLA MCCALLA | The Capitalist Blues | Jazz Village
5 DEXTER STORY | Bahir | Soundway
6 DJ PANKO | Panko Pa' Palenque | Palenque
7 DAKTARIS, THE | Soul Explosion [Remastered] | Desco / Daptone
8 COCOA TEA | Music Is Our Business | VP
9 HELADO NEGRO | This Is How You Smile | RVNG Intl.
10 SON PALENQUE | "Adios Batata (Cerrero Dub Mix)" [Single] | Llorona / Palenque

March 12, 2019

Program March 13, 2019

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Dexter Story (pictured above) overlays his background in soul, funk and jazz with his more recent interest in East African music.  His second album in this direction, Bahir, will be released on Friday, and it's a gem.  You'll hear a track from it on this week's show, surrounded by recordings by other American artists who are mining the rich vein of sound from Ethiopia and Sudan.

Also this week: vintage salsa Senegalaise; new Afro-funk from Rocky Dawuni and Ibibio Sound Machine; and the return of the Batusi.

March 10, 2019

Charts March 8, 2019

WRIR's NACC World Top Ten
1 FREDERICO7 | Exotico Americano | self-released
2 LOBO MARINO | At Appalachian South Folklife Center | self-released
3 MDOU MOCTAR | Ilana (The Creator) [Advance Tracks] | Sahel Sounds
4 JUANECO Y SU COMBO | El Gran Cacique | Infopesa
5 HELADO NEGRO | This Is How You Smile | RVNG International
6 DAWDA JOBARTEH | I Met Her By The River | Sterns Africa
7 UMUT ADAN | Bahar | Riverboat
8 LE VENT DU NORD | Territoires | Borealis
9 BRANKO | Nosso | Enchufada
10 COMBO CHIMBITA | Ahomale [Advance Tracks] | ANTI-