Rebroadcasts -- The Global Global A Go-Go Network

Global A Go-Go is rebroadcast on seven radio stations, in addition to its live broadcast on WRIR.  Somewhat facetiously, I like to call it the Global Global A Go-Go Radio Network.  These seven stations are:

CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:

CKUW 95.9 FM in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

KBOG 97.9 FM in Bandon, Oregon, USA:

KRFP Radio Free Moscow 92.5 FM in Moscow, Idaho, USA:

WMNB 107.1 FM in North Adams, Massachusetts, USA:

WXDR 98.9 FM in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA:

Caribriddims International Radio:

The program is available to be aired by any non-profit radio station free of charge via the A-Infos Radio Project, also known as  If you're with a non-profit radio station and you want to rebroadcast Global A Go-Go, just download the programs from and let me know that you're doing so -- I'll credit you on air and on this website.

The A-Infos Radio Project is a fantastic endeavor that allows grassroots broadcasters to share programs with each other. If you use it to download and rebroadcast Global A Go-Go, please consider making a donation to them as well. A-Infos is run by volunteers and is entirely funded by donations from the folks who use their bandwidth and services, like you and me.  You can donate here:

If you listen to Global A Go-Go's podcasts, why not suggest that your local community or public radio station rebroadcast the program?  If you enjoy it, there are probably plenty of other people in your community who would feel the same way.  Radio stations actually pay attention to their listeners' and donors' preferences -- at least, smart ones do.