July 14, 2011

Cornershop | The Singhles Club

ARTIST:  Cornershop
TITLE:  "What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?" / "Non-Stop Radio"
LABEL:  Ample Play
REVIEW:  Cornershop's Tjinder Singh recently launched The Singhles Club, a series of six digital-only tracks that will aid, in his own words, in "freeing up the hard disc of Mr. Singh's headspace" -- these are the first two of the tracks.  "Hippie" marks the return of Tjinder the vocalist; Cornershop's last album, Cornershop And The Double 'O' Groove Of, featured Indian singer Bubbley Kaur.  If you're like me and have missed hearing Singh's droll half-spoken vocals in front of Cornershop's just-this-side-of-cheesy electronic swirl, this track is definitely for you.  And he gets extra points for collaborating with first-graders from Bolton's Castle Hill Primary School.  "Non-Stop" is more of a retro dance floor workout (think Prince's 1984 album) with sultry French vocals by Celeste.  More please, sir.

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