December 13, 2012

Best Of Buena Vista

ARTIST: various artists
TITLE: Best Of Buena Vista
Son cubano from Cuba’s easternmost region is one of the Western hemisphere’s most crucial and influential musical styles – much of what we describe today as “Latin music” is built on a foundation of son. The genre, which dates back 100 years, has had a great rebirth over the last 15 due to the popularity of the Buena Vista Social Club (aka BVSC), and the band Sierra Maestra before them. This album compiles some excellent recordings (originally released by Germany’s Termidor Musikverlag) from singers and players of the Buena Vista generation and younger musicians mining the deep son tradition. Among the highlights here are two tracks by Soneros De Verdad (1 and 2), a multigenerational group fronted by the excellent singer Luis Frank. Track 3 is an updated, almost avant-garde version of “Chan Chan” by the nephews of its author, the BVSC’s Compay Segundo. 11 features the late Pio Leyva, still in fine form when he sang this one at age 85. And 18 is a track from Cesar (Pupy) Pedroso Y Los Que Son, Son, probably Cuba’s finest timba ensemble providing a great example of the cutting edge of son’s influence today.
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    3    11    18
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    5    9    12    13    16

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