January 23, 2015

Red Baraat | Gaadi Of Truth

ARTIST: Red Baraat
TITLE: Gaadi Of Truth
Red Baraat is one the most unique, explosive bands in America today. Led by dhol (double-headed Indian drum) player Sunny Jain, this 8-piece ensemble puts bhangra music into a whole new context: all horns and drums, they’re a desi brass band that draws as much on jazz, funk, hip hop and DC go-go as on any music from the subcontinent. Their new album, ten original compositions and two remixes, sees them taking this one-of-a-kind fusion even farther out than previously. Start with the title track (1), a rumination on “touring while multi-ethnic,” if one can be said to ruminate with horns blaring and drums pounding. 2 slows down the frantic tempo briefly; it’s like a New Orleans brass band sprinkled with garam masala. Track 5 starts out closely aligned with the Rajasthani brass band tradition, but gradually morphs into Dixieland hot-jazz-style polyphonic improvisation. 10 features a funky syncopated tuba line, solo space for just about everyone, and a wild double-time ending. And 12 is a lovely, atmospheric Karsh Kale remix of jungle-influenced track 7 that improves on the original. Get the album, and make sure to see them live while you’re at it.
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    5    10    12
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    4    7    8    9

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