Podcasts -- Listen On Your Schedule, Not Mine

Click to enlarge this screenshot of the Global A Go-Go program archive page at Radio4all.net.

There's a comprehensive online archive of Global A Go-Go programs (I'm not kidding about it being comprehensive -- the earliest recording in the archive is from August 25, 2004), which can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.  It's part of the A-Infos Radio Project (also known as Radio4all.net).

Here's the address for the Global A Go-Go program archive: radio4all.net/series/Global%20A%20Go-Go

From there, simply click on a program you'd like to download, and then click the red-and-white button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to actually start downloading.  Just follow any further instructions from your computer's operating system and/or web browser, and you're done.

You can also find links to each of the recorded programs right on this website.  Almost every post labeled "Programs" includes a link to a recording of that program.  (A few programs weren't recorded due to technical difficulties, usually operator error by yours truly.)  Click that link, find the red-and-white button, and you're in business.

Questions or problems?  Drop me a line at globalagogoradio [at] gmail [dot] com.  I'm no tech whiz but I'll try to help as best I can.

The A-Infos Radio Project is a fantastic endeavor that allows grassroots broadcasters to share programs with each other. If you use it to listen to Global A Go-Go, please consider making a donation to them as well. A-Infos is run by volunteers and is entirely funded by donations from the folks who use their bandwidth and services, like you and me.  You can donate here: radio4all.net/index.php/support

In addition, WRIR's website has a listening portal that allows you to stream any program for two weeks after it's been aired.  You can find the listening portal here: wrir.org/listen

Just click "Go to Show Archives," scroll down until you find my program's name, then click on the arrow just below the program's name to begin streaming.