January 24, 2011

Bedouin Soundclash, Chris Velan, Nouvelle Vague

Bedouin Soundclash | "Mountain Top" | Nat Geo Music
Chris Velan & Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars | "Inez" | Cumbancha
Nouvelle Vague feat Emily Loizeau | "Ou Veux-Tu Que Je Regarde" | Barclay

REVIEW:  Here are three recent international singles, all pop enough to sound great on the radio (especially on many of WRIR’s rock and AAA shows), and none of them has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being played on an American commercial radio station.  And folks wonder why the audience for commercial radio declines every year?

First up is Canadian reggae-rock band Bedouin Soundclash with a song that could have been an outtake from the Police’s Reggatta De Blanc album (that’s a compliment in my book), catchy as hell with just enough skanking rhythm to qualify for the world music section.

Next is Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Velan, who teams up with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars (he produced their first album) on a breezy, pan-African-influenced track that will remind you of several songs from Paul Simon’s Graceland (also a compliment).

Last comes France’s popular Nouvelle Vague – their new album re-imagines French post-punk hits from the 80’s, and they remake Noir Desir’s 1987 debut single using the lush production and harmonies of Lambchop, a brilliant outside-the-box combination.

REVIEWER:  Bill Lupoletti

P.S.  Chris Velan's "Inez" can be downloaded for free here:  http://inez.chrisvelan.com

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