February 18, 2011

Dengue Fever, Serge Gainsbourg, Sergent Garcia, Shaolin Afronauts

Dengue Fever | "Cement Slippers" | Concord
Serge Gainsbourg | "Comme Un Boomerang" | Mercury
Sergent Garcia | "Yo Soy Salsamuffin" & "Ojos Inocentes" | Cumbancha
The Shaolin Afronauts | "Journey Through Time" & "Kibo" | Freestyle

REVIEW:  Here’s a nice assortment of new singles from forthcoming albums, all well worth your attention.  Leading off are Cambodian-American psych-rockers Dengue Fever.  The song continues where “Tiger Phone Card” from their last record left off – a relationship story told via tag-team male-female vocals.

Next up is a previously unreleased recording by Serge Gainsbourg; it’s one of his most famous and frequently-covered songs, originally written for (and banned from) the 1975 Eurovision contest, but no previous recordings of him singing it have been released.

French-Spanish multicultural rocker Sergent Garcia (pictured above with his band) has never gotten much attention in the USA, but Cumbancha Records intends to change that with these two strong and entertaining songs that combine salsa and cumbia with hip hop and dancehall.

The Shaolin Afronauts (best band name of the year?) are a new Australian group who play Afrobeat in a highly funk-inflected manner, very much like the Budos Band – these two songs really cook.

REVIEWER:  Bill Lupoletti

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