May 26, 2011

Hotel X | Unreleased 2010

ARTIST:  Hotel X
TITLE:  Unreleased 2010
LABEL:  none
REVIEW:  Here’s what Richmond’s long-running avant-groove ensemble has been up to lately -- eleven tracks cut in 2010, hopefully for future release but who knows what the future holds.  This remarkable band formed in 1992 and has had over 60 members since then.  The current incarnation is one of my favorites yet -- co-founding multi-instrumentalists Tim Harding and Ron Curry are sticking with alto sax and guitar respectively, and they’re committed to providing lots of room for other soloists, especially the astounding guitarist Chris Vasi, whose playing blurs any notion of the lines between jazz, world music and rock.  Bassist Wayne O’Bryan provides a solid fundamental ground for Harding’s compositions and the band’s improvisations, and Phil Pollard adds new colors to Hotel X’s sound on steel pan and vibraphone.  Unlike most bands, this one loves to rehearse -- that’s how they get their uniquely loose-yet-tight sound.  It’s always a pleasure to hear a new piece of documentation from this band; hopefully you’ll be able to purchase one soon.  In the meantime, go check them out in live performance.
REVIEWER:  Bill Lupoletti
TOP TRACKS:    3    8    9    11
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    5    7    10

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