February 7, 2013

Gypsyphonic Disko | Mardi Gras Mixtape

ARTIST: Gypsyphonic Disko
TITLE: Mardi Gras Mixtape
LABEL: self-released
Just in time for Mardi Gras 2013 comes the third mixtape from the team of DJ Quickie Mart and Galactic’s Ben Ellman, aka Gypsyphonic Disko. Their signature sound is mashing up the local New Orleans hip hop style called bounce with beat-enhanced world music like Balkan brass and cumbia. On this outing, they tweak the formula by adding bounce vocals and Africa Bambaataa-style electro beats to a set of classic New Orleans tunes by Professor Longhair, the Wild Magnolias, the Neville Brothers, Ernie K-Doe and others. The Gypsyphonic gents are brilliant selectors, never disappointing in their choice of musical material; this skill is a perfect complement to bounce, which has awesome attitude but tends to be, shall we say, somewhat lacking musically. Putting it all together makes Gypsyphonic one of the most ingenious DJ-remix projects going on today. And they’re a great illustration of why copyright law is an ass – their projects add great value to the source material but can’t possibly be licensed in today’s environment, hence the mixtape status. Get it while you can.
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