January 16, 2014

Bio Ritmo | Se Les Olvido

ARTIST: Bio Ritmo
TITLE: Se Les Olvido
LABEL: Locutor
The second single from Bio Ritmo’s forthcoming (spring 2014) full-length album shows off many of the band’s considerable strengths all in one song. Right up front are Rei Alvarez’s vocal and lyrics, gently tweaking salsa dancers who prefer straight beats and familiar songs to the explorative sounds of bands like, say, Bio Ritmo. Marlysse Simmons’ composition, anchored by Edward Prendergast’s funky bass, driven by the percussion section and accented with four brassy horns, just flat out swings. And there’s a surprise at the end: a tropical-inflected bridge with a cuatro solo by Bryan Vargas of the Fela Band. The dancers may not dig it, but I certainly do.

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