May 21, 2014

Sonido Gallo Negro | Sendero Mistico

ARTIST: Sonido Gallo Negro
TITLE: Sendero Mistico
LABEL: Glitterbeat
Mexico’s answer to Chicha Libre is Sonido Gallo Negro (Black Rooster Sound), a nine-piece instrumental combo from Ciudad De Mexico that’s pushing the psychedelic cumbia revival one step further. This is their second album, first to be released outside of Mexico and Glitterbeat’s first non-African project as well. The title translates as “The Mystical Path,” but they could have just as easily called it “Theme For An Imaginary Spaghetti Western.” The band’s unique instrumentation includes flute, theremin (no kidding), and Farfisa organ alongside the requisite twangy guitars and loads of percussion. The flute gives the whole recording an Andean panpipes feel (check out track 7); the theremin adds an extra wash of psychedelia (try 6 and 8), and the Farfisa reminds you that at its heart chicha is Peru’s version of garage rock (5). All those instruments add texture to 9, which is driven by a woozy pair of call-and-response guitar parts. Short and sweet at ten songs, 35 minutes, this is a perfect little gem of a rock ‘n’ roll record.
TOP TRACKS:    5    6    7    8    9
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    1    2    3    4    10

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