June 26, 2014

Cumbia All Stars | Tigres En Fuga

ARTIST: Cumbia All Stars
TITLE: Tigres En Fuga
LABEL: World Village
In the last seven or so years, there’s been a worldwide groundswell of interest in chicha, Peru’s psychedelic cumbia music of the 60s, 70s and 80s, with a wide assortment of reissues and new bands grabbing attention. So it’s only natural that eight veterans of the movement (from bands like Los Destellos, Los Girasoles, Los Riberenos and many others) would want in on the party – think of them as the “Buena Chicha Social Club.” The star here is lead guitarist Lucho Reyes, who spins twangy, tuneful solos across the album – the vocal-less track 1 is a great example of his seductive style, and check out the way he shifts from clean to overdriven on 9. As in African music, the interaction between the guitar parts (here it’s lead plus rhythm plus bass) is a key to the sound; like Latin music, the percussion section (trap kit, conga, timbales and bongo) interlocks as though they were one eight-armed drummer. The vocals, led by Lucho Carillo, are spirited throughout. Chicha is truly one of the world’s (until recently) neglected pop music masterpieces; it’s great to hear players from the originating generation still going strong.
TOP TRACKS:    1    3    7    9    10
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    2    4    5    6    8    11

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