June 28, 2016

Yeni Nostalji | 2016 EP demo (final mix)

Photo by Kate Thompson/Momenta Workshops 2016
ARTIST: Yeni Nostalji
TITLE: 2016 EP demo (final mix)
LABEL: unreleased
Yeni Nostalji (“New Nostalgia” in Turkish) is the new project of singer-songwriter Christina Gleixner, formerly of Richmond indie-folk band The Low Branches, and it’s a departure to put it mildly Christina has become obsessed with Turkish pop music of the 1960s: she started out covering hits of the era, and is now having her own English-language lyrics translated into Turkish. And she’s collaborating with some of Richmond’s finest musicians: Marlysse Simmons (keyboards) and Rei Alvarez (drums) of Bio Ritmo and Miramar, bassists Tim Harding (Hotel X) and Andrew Randazzo (Butcher Brown), guitarist Vlad Cuiujuclu (Zgomot), strings and reeds from Classical Revolution RVA and the Richmond Symphony. This six-song demo, recorded at Minimum Wage Recording, is a mix of covers and originals, and it’s superb throughout. Start with track 3, a Gleixner original that’s become the highlight of their live sets. 2 has a gentle, lithe swing to it; 4 is a dramatic ballad in the vein of “Those Were The Days,” and 5 is Turkey via Nashville. One of the most exciting musical projects in Richmond right now – catch them before they go worldwide.
TOP TRACKS:    2    3    4    5

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