January 23, 2018

Levanta Poeira

ARTIST: various artists
TITLE: Levanta Poeira
LABEL: Jazz & Milk
Levanta poeira means “kick up dust” in Portuguese; it’s an apt title for the first Brazil-focused release from German dance music label Jazz & Milk.
They invited Sao Paulo-based DJ Tahira to select this set of some of his favorite rootsy, Afro-Brazilian deep digs, plus a few 21st century tracks referencing a similar aesthetic. The collection starts with Tahira’s remix of Gilberto Gil’s classic “Toda Menina Baiana,” putting an African-influenced rhythm at the center of this MPB chestnut. The revelations here, however, come primarily from Tahira’s curation. 2, by the band Barbatuques, augments forro from Brazil’s northeast with body percussion, tap dance and wordless vocals; it’s mind-blowing. Three additional tracks mine northeast rhythms: Renata Rosa (4) sings over an orchestra of soulful samba de coco percussion, Coco Raizes De Arcoverde (6) play the trupe rhythm using wooden sandals as percussion instruments, and Banda De Pifanos (7) continue the homemade instruments theme with their self-constructed fifes and drums. And 3 is a simple and supremely funky track from the Afro side of MPB. This is a little gem of curation.
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    3    4    6    7
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    5    8    9

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