January 5, 2012

DJ Rekha & Dave Sharma | Pyar Baile

ARTIST:  DJ Rekha & Dave Sharma
TITLE:  Pyar Baile
LABEL:  Beat Bazaar 
REVIEW:  New York-based DJ Rekha Malhotra’s Basement Bhangra and Bollywood Disco series have made Indian electronic dance music part of the NYC club scene since 1997.  Here’s a song from her decks that adds some Brazilian baile funk flavor to the bhangra, along with a dash of Afrika Bambaataa-era electro. She’s helped on the mix by Dave Sharma of Sub Swara; the Hindi vocal is by Meetu Chilana, the MC is Brazilian Zuzuka Poderosa.  Bollywood Baile Funk isn’t a genre – yet – but it should be.  Great for dance floors of all nations. 
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