January 5, 2012

The Pinker Tones | Special 10th Anniversary Edition

ARTIST:  The Pinker Tones
TITLE:  Special 10th Anniversary Edition
LABEL:  Nacional
REVIEW:  Barcelona’s The Pinker Tones are one of the really great, smart pop bands of the 21st century. They started as essentially a laptop band; their sound palate and influences have expanded through the years, but they’ve never lost the “let’s put on a show” fun that’s at the heart of their appeal. For their 10th anniversary, they’ve released a two-part digital-only album.  Amigos & Friends (tracks 1-19) is The Pinker Tones’ idea of a tribute album -- covers of their songs by their friends and admirers, most of whom take the material in directions radically different from the originals.  For example, you get “Sonido Total” as melodic punk (track 9), a sensitive singer-songwriter interpretation of “24” (10), and “Tokyo” as somewhat overwrought radio-friendly rock (11).  The second part, Singles 2001-2011 (tracks 20-33) delivers just what it says on the tin, some of the best tracks these guys have produced so far.  If you’re not a fan of The Pinker Tones yet, this is a perfect introduction to a band that’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and so much more. 
Amigos & Friends:    9    10    11
Singles 2001-2011:    21    22    23    24    29
Amigos & Friends:    13    14
Singles 2001-2011:    25    26    27

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