March 28, 2013

Criolo | No Na Orelha

ARTIST: Criolo
TITLE: No Na Orelha
LABEL: Sterns
Kieber Gomes, aka Criolo, is a gifted Brazilian singer and songwriter. On this album, he shows that he can handle almost any genre from rumba and Afrobeat to samba and rap. He has a wonderful voice and he orchestrates himself beautifully on every song. Track 1 is one of the highlights of the disc -- it’s an obvious tribute to the Colombian Afrobeat of Wganda Kenya with strong references to Fela Kuti. 4 is an intense Afro-Brazilian folkloric track; the rap elements are bit much for me, but otherwise it’s an excellent song. If you like Angolan or Senegalese rap, you’ll enjoy track 3; if you’re a fan of any rumba, be it Angolan, Congolese or Cuban, then 5 will be a favorite. 7 is a great Brazilian-rock party track with a masterful mix of Fela-esque horns and electronica. 10 is an infectious samba-rumba-Afrobeat meld that is another outstanding highlight of the album. 11, a dub mix of track 7 that also refers back to track 1, completes the album quite nicely. WRIR has been privileged to be able to play many CDs from the Sterns Africa series and our thanks go out to Sterns Africa for providing them. If this is an example of what we may expect from Sterns Brazil, then I, for one, look forward to many more!
TOP TRACKS:    1    3    7    10    11
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    2    4    5    9
REVIEWER: David Noyes

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