June 20, 2013

Program June 21, 2013

Tuesday marks the 15th anniversary of the assassination of Lounes Matoub (pictured above), whose lyrics, music and performances made him the Kabylie (Algerian Berber) Bob Dylan or, perhaps more appropriately in light of his murder, the Kabyile Victor Jara.  I'll play one of Matoub's most haunting songs alongside three other contemporary Imazighen (Berber) singers, including one who now makes his home right here in Virginia.

Also this week: Marseille looks across the Mediterranean, Brazilian Afrobeat, and Bollywood madness.

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It's been said that in the Kabyle region of Algeria, "there is not a single cafe, restaurant or business that doesn't have a poster of Lounes Matoub" (Merzouk Allache, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, June 28 2008).  Here's another image to give you an idea of how the Kabylie view Matoub.

Song | Artist (Country) | Recording | Label

Separation | Oliver Lake (USA) | Matador Of 1st & 1st | Passin' Thru
Global A Go-Go | Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (UK) | Global A Go-Go | Hellcat

*NEW* Embarcatz! | Moussu T E Lei Jovents (France) | Artemis | Le Chant Du Monde
L'Usina | Dupain (France) | L'Usina | Virgin France
*NEW* Punky Halal | Les Boukakes (France-Tunisia) | Punky Halal | Jules Sonic Prods
Rock El Casbah | Rachid Taha (Algeria-France) | Tekitoi | Wrasse

Today I Exist, Tomorrow I'm Not Sure | Lounes Matoub (Algeria) | unreleased?
*NEW* Sidi Khaled El Marsa | Kamel Zennia (Algeria-USA) | Am Assa (The Day Will Come) | self-released

The Abandoned Homeland | Moh Alileche (Algeria-USA) | North Africa's Destiny? | Flag Of Freedom Productions
Dounia | Amazigh Kateb (Algeria-France) | Marchez Noir | Iris Music

*NEW* Malunguinho | Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra (Brazil) | Daora: Underground Sounds Of Urban Brasil - Hip-Hop, Beats, Afro & Dub | Mais Um Discos
Grito De Paz | Bixiga 70 (Brazil) | Bixiga 70 | Agua Forte

*NEW* Bogota | Criolo (Brazil) | No Na Orelha | Sterns
*NEW* One Man Show | Femi Kuti (Nigeria) | No Place For My Dream | Knitting Factory

Chicago Falcon | The Budos Band (USA) | II | Daptone
Dama Dam Mast Qalander | Ahmed Rushdi (Pakistan) | The Sound Of Wonder! The First Wave Of Plugged-In Pop At The Pakistani Picture House | Finders Keepers
*NEW* Pyar Zindagi Hai | Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle & Mahendra Kapoor (India) | The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Bollywood | World Music Network
Ramba Ho-Ho-Ho Samba Ho-Ho-Ho | Usha Uthup (India) | Top 12 Cabaret Songs From Films | Saregama

*NEW* Relax (Bollywood remix) | Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra (France-India) | single | Label Caravan

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