August 5, 2015

Tromboranga | Golpe Con Melodia

ARTIST: Tromboranga
TITLE: Golpe Con Melodia
LABEL: self-released
Speaking of salsa expatriates (see my review of Quarter Street above), here’s the fifth album by Tromboranga, the Barcelona-based orchestra whose members hail from far and wide: Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Spain, Colombia, England and Catalonia are all represented in this UN General Assembly of a band. Like Quarter Street, Tromboranga is animated by 1970s salsa dura; as their name suggests, their focus is on the trombone-driven style invented by Eddie Palmieri (whose La Perfecta band swapped violins for trombones and turned charanga into trombanga), codified by Willie Colon (on his classic early 70s recordings with Hector Lavoe), and popularized by dozens of NYC bands. Tromboranga does this legacy proud – their swing is hard and deep, their triple trombones attack aggressively, there’s plenty here for both dancers and listeners to enjoy. Start with the title track (1), a soulful original; then move on to their versions of two old, deep cuts (2 and 7). They wrap up with another deep cut (8), this time from the repertoire of the 70s salsa dura stalwarts Orquesta Narvaez – this driving track sums up everything Tromboranga stands for. A gozar!
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    7    8
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    3    4    5    6

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