October 20, 2015

Program October 21, 2015

Art by Lynn Murphy for the Go Bike! project
Richmond Independent Radio's Fall 2015 Fund Drive is currently underway; it continues through Tuesday October 27.  We're intending to raise $35,000 in this fall's drive, which will keep WRIR doing everything it does for Richmond and for our listener base, 24/7 for the next six months.

We'd really appreciate your support in keeping community radio radio strong in Richmond -- WRIR is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and we're building to make the next ten years even better.  You can make a donation in one of three ways:
  1. By visiting our secure online donation site at http://bitly.com/Donate2Wrir
  2. By calling 804-622-9747
  3. Or by visiting us in person at 1621-B W. Broad Street (2nd floor)
As always, I have something special lined up for my listeners during the fund drive.  Capoeira Resistencia will be performing live on Global A Go-Go on Wednesday October 21.  Capoeira Resistencia was founded in 1992 by Mestre Panao (Robson Alexandre Pedro) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Mestre Panao moved to Richmond in 2006, where he operates his studio on Buford Road in Bon Air.

Capoeira is an over 400 year old Brazilian martial art developed by West African slaves and escaped slaves; it incorporates dance, acrobatics and music along with self-defense.  After soccer, it's believed to be the second most popular sport in Brazil, and it's developed a strong following of participants in the USA and all over the world.  The music of capoeira, performed by voices and percussion instruments, is an integral part of the practice of the sport -- games, exercises and performances are always accompanied by music.

Here's a special incentive to get you to donate.  There will be a $500 challenge during Global A Go-Go -- the first $500 that's donated during my program, starting on Wednesday at 3 PM, will be matched by a pair of generous contributors.  So get some extra bang for your buck -- donate during Global A Go-Go and your contribution will be doubled.  And don't forget to tune in, on the airwaves at 97.3 FM or online at http://wrir.org/listen.

Thank you for your support in the past, and thank you for considering making a donation during WRIR's Fall 2015 Fund Drive!

Follow me below the fold, if you'd like, for a little more inspiration ...

I was listening to WRIR's local news program Open Source RVA (Fridays at 2 PM) a couple of weeks ago, and Jimmy (The Frog & The Redneck) Sneed was waxing eloquent about the importance of passion in the restaurant business.  Jimmy said, "I find it hard to believe that anybody with passion could do anything but a good job."  And that got me thinking about the radio business.

When we started Richmond Independent Radio back in 2005, lots of people were skeptical about the idea of amateurs, people who were unpaid and with no or little previous experience, doing radio.  I have to admit, we were a bit apprehensive ourselves.  What we hadn't counted on was the value of our volunteers' passion.  Passion is WRIR's secret sauce, the ingredient we have that commercial and professional radio station have a hard time copying.

When you tune your dial to 97.3 FM in Richmond or point your web browser to wrir.org/listen, you might not know exactly what you're going to hear.  But whatever it is, you always know it's going to be produced and delivered with passion.  And that's something that can be hard to find on the radio dial, where canned programs, one-size-fits-none formats and focus-group-tested content are the rule.

The volunteers of WRIR are passionate enough to bring you great community radio 24/7/365.  We know that you're passionate enough about what we're doing to listen to us.  Now's the time when we're looking for you to step up that passion just a little bit -- enough to make a donation that says "I want to make sure this great community resource stays available, so the next generation of listeners can also hear what real radio made by real people sounds like."

Please consider making that donation now, or any time through Tuesday October 27, in any of these three ways:
  1. By visiting our secure online donation site at http://bitly.com/Donate2Wrir
  2. By calling 804-622-9747
  3. Or by visiting us in person at 1621-B W. Broad Street (2nd floor)
Thank you for considering donating, thank you for your support in the past, and long live Richmond Independent Radio!

Podcast: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/83331
All the podcasts: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/series/Global+A+Go-Go

Song | Artist (Country) | Recording | Label | Year

Separation | Oliver Lake (USA) | Matador Of 1st & 1st | Passin' Thru | 1997
Global A Go-Go | Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (UK) | Global A Go-Go | Hellcat | 2001

Contravento | Ceu (Brazil) | Live | Six Degrees | 2015
Capoeira Mata Um | Jackson Do Pandeiro (Brazil) | O Cabra Da Peste | Continental | 1969
Nonsensical | Forro In The Dark (Brazil-USA) | Dia De Roda | Nublu | 2008

Capoeira Resistencia, live at WRIR:
     Deep Drum
     Hipee Leeke

Paraguacu | Ba_co (Brazil) | The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Samba | World Music Network | 2014
Bog La Bag-O Bode | Carlinhos Brown (Brazil) | Alfagamabetizado | EMI Odeon | 1996

Everyone's A Winner | Banda Uniao Black (Brazil) | Banda Uniao Black | Vampisoul | 2006
Machado | Bixiga 70 (Brazil) | III | Glitterbeat | 2015

Take Me Back To Piaui | Juca Chaves (Brazil) | single | RGE | 1970

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