February 27, 2018

Thornato | Back It Up

ARTIST: Thornato
TITLE: Back It Up
LABEL: Wonderwheel
Thor Partridge is a New York-based producer of Cypriot descent who was born in Sweden. So yes, he comes by his global point of view naturally. Thornato works in the genre broadly called global bass: bass-heavy electronica with international traditional elements and a focus firmly on the dance floor. His productions incorporate field and studio recordings he’s made in his travels to Mali, Colombia, India, Ecuador and other places. The title track (1), featuring Ghanaian singer Zongo Abongo, is based on a quintessential Colombian champeta guitar line (itself borrowed from Congolese soukous) and set to a dancehall/reggaeton dembow rhythm; it’s an ingenious musical pairing. 2 is breezy Afropop, again to a dancehall beat, featuring singer Bajah from Sierra Leone; that champeta-soukous guitar sneaks in again at the end. On 3, Thornato collaborates with the American-Congolese-South African duo Kongo Elektro. And 4 is a trippy yet propulsive remix of track 2 by Japanese-American DJ Yukicito. This is some of the best global bass production I’ve heard – it works equally well if you’re seated or dancing.
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    3    4

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