May 20, 2018

Yeni Nostalji | Yeni Nostalji

ARTIST: Yeni Nostalji
TITLE: Yeni Nostalji
LABEL: Ropeadope
If you want to be an artist, you need to follow your obsessions down their rabbit hole. That’s what Christina Gleixner did four years ago when she decided she had to write and sing in Turkish, a language she didn’t speak. Gleixner’s particular fixation is Turkish pop music of the 60s and 70s, which despite the language barrier spoke more directly to her than the indie-folk she was making at the time. Here’s the first album resulting from her deep dive, and it’s a beauty. Along the journey, Gleixner connected with some of Richmond’s most open-minded musicians (Marlysse Simmons and Rei Alvarez of Bio Ritmo and Miramar, guitarists Gary Kalar and Vlad Cuiujuclu of Zgomot, producer Lance Koehler of No BS! Brass, members of Classical Revolution RVA and more); the resulting recording is a full collaboration that puts meat on the bones of her idiosyncratic concept. At the center of the recording is Gleixner’s voice, a ravishing, intimate instrument in the vortex of Simmons’ and Kalar’s intricate string, brass and woodwind arrangements. One of the most assured debuts I’ve ever heard – don’t miss this thoroughly unique album.
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