August 23, 2016

Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra | Brass Like It Hot

ARTIST: Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra
TITLE: Brass Like It Hot
Macedonia is a hotbed of Balkan gypsy brass music; 29-year-old trumpeter Dzambo Agusev looks like he’s going to become the genre’s next international star. He started playing with local legend Ferus Mustafov at age 11 and won his first award at the Guca Trumpet Festival the same year. He now leads the family orchestra founded by his uncle Koco that features three trumpeting Agusevs in the 10-man lineup. They specialize in the jazzy, funky, speedy brass style made famous by combos like Boban Markovic, Fanfare Ciocarlia and Kocani Orkestar. It’s the musical equivalent of a Formula One race, all hairpin turns and full-throttle straightaway runs, exhilarating when played well and these guys have the chops to do it. Start with tracks 4 and 5 which are right up there with the best of the aforementioned bands. 11 is a cover of one of the best songs from Dubioza Kolektiv’s wonderful 2016 album Happy Machine, on which Dzambo guest-stars. 6 and 10 are plenty impressive as well, and don’t miss the humorous 12 which was inspired by the orchestra’s Mexican tour. This is one the best new Balkan brass bands I’ve heard in many moons.
TOP TRACKS:    4    5    6    10    11    12
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    1    3    7    8    9    13    14

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