September 7, 2015

Orquesta El Macabeo | "Eutanasia" b/w "En La Luna"

ARTIST: Orquesta El Macabeo
TITLE: “Eutanasia” / “En La Luna”
LABEL: Vampisoul
Orquesta El Macabeo is a young 12-piece Puerto Rican salsa ensemble. They’re a key piece of the modern indie-salsa movement – Richmond’s Bio Ritmo is right there with them. As is true for many like-minded bands, Macabeo’s members come with backgrounds in everything but salsa: punk, metal, ska, reggae and hip hop. While they play full-clave salsa gorda (think 1970s Fania Records), their ear for melody and for catchy hooks is a dead giveaway of their interest in rock-based forms. On their new 7 inch, 45 RPM single, the band covers two songs by their favorite Basque punk bands, “Eutanasia” by La Polla Records (side A) and “En La Luna” by Eskorbuto (B). About the material, bandleader-bassist Jose Ibanez says, “Music has no limits or barriers, and we show it this way: turning these two 100% punk songs into Latin tropical rhythms, while respecting the atmosphere of the original tracks.” If you listen to the originals, you’ll hear that Macabeo’s versions are loving re-imaginations. And if you listen to salsa, you’ll hear that Macabeo is one of the most exciting bands on the scene today.

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